I Felt Bad For Trying To Live A Happy, Full Life, While My Heart Was Buried In A Dead Man’S Chest

25 Widow and Widower Quotes

International Widows Day is ratify to address the poverty and injustice faced by widows in united stated. It takes place on 23 June annually. National Widows day takes worldwide on 3rd of May.

Below are the quotes about husband and wife who has lost their spouse:

Widows – Widower Quotes

“I think first of the children. What the hell am I supposed to tell them? Then I think about money, the house, all those things no widow will tell you ever crossed her mind.” » Shannon Celebi

“He that outlives a wife whom he has long loved, sees himself disjoined from the only mind that has the same hopes, and fears, and interest; from the only companion with whom he has shared much good and evil; and with whom he could set his mind at liberty, to retrace the past or anticipate the future. The continuity of being is lacerated; the settled course of sentiment and action is stopped; and life stands suspended and motionless.” » Samuel Johnson

“I’m learning persistence and the closing of doors, the way the seasons come and go as I keep walking on these roads, back and forth, to find myself in new time zones, new arms with new phrases and new goals. And it hurts to become, hurts to find out about the poverty and gaps, the widow and the leavers. It hurts to accept that it hurts and it hurts to learn how easy it is for people to not need other people. Or how easy it is to need other people but that you can never build a home in someone’s arms because they will let go one day and you must build your own.” » Charlotte Eriksson

“It’s never too late to start over!” » Lynne Gentry

“The comfortable estate of widowhood is the only hope that keeps up a wife’s spirits.” » John Gay widowwednesday.com

I Think First Of The Children. What The Hell Am I Supposed To Tell Them - Then I Think About Money, The House, All Those Things No Widow Will Tell You Ever Crossed Her Mind. » Shannon Celebi

“I felt bad for trying to live a happy, full life, while my heart was buried in a dead man’s chest.” » Kristen Hope Mazzola

“Widowers marry again because it makes their lives easier. Widows often don’t, because it makes their lives harder.” » Siri Hustvedt

“A widow is a fascinating being with the flavor of maturity, the spice of experience, the piquancy of novelty, the tang of practiced coquetry, and the halo of one man’s approval.” » Helen Rowland

“May a man live well-, and long-enough, to leave many joyful widows behind him.” » Roman Payne

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“Officially, the New Testament church at an early stage took seriously their responsibility for widows who lacked family or other resources. The office of deacon was instituted initially to address this pressing need.” » Carolyn Custis James

“The poor fatherless baby of eight months is now the utterly broken-hearted and crushed widow of forty-two! My life as a happy one is ended! the world is gone for me! If I must live on (and I will do nothing to make me worse than I am), it is henceforth for our poor fatherless children — for my unhappy country, which has lost all in losing him — and in only doing what I know and feel he would wish.” » Queen Victoria

“Widows are divided into two classes — the bereaved and relieved.” » Victor Robinson

“Sorrow for a husband is like a pain in the elbow, sharp and short.” » English Proverb

“I realized, it is not the time that heals, but what we do within that time that creates positive change.” » Diane Dettmann

“He first deceased; she for a little tried to live without him, liked it not, and died.” » Sir Henry Wotton

“In the first year of my grief, there were times when I felt like hiding my personal story of loss and other times when I wanted to wear a sign on my body that read “Be nice to me, I’m grieving,” or “Don’t tick me off; I’ve already got the world on my shoulders,” or maybe even “BEWARE – don’t upset the widow!” I needed a variety of signs that I could switch out depending on my daily mood.” » Elizabeth Berrien

Widow. The Word Consumes Itself. » Sylvia Plath

“There is nothing on earth so easy as to forget, if a person chooses to set about it. I’m sure I have as much forgot your poor, dear uncle, as if he had never existed; and I thought it my duty to do so.” » Richard Brinsley Sheridan

“May a man live well-enough and long-enough, to leave many joyful widows behind him.” » Roman Payne

“Widow. The word consumes itself.” » Sylvia Plath

“You can’t live your life in a bubble, Charlie. And you can’t live Evan’s life for him. He won’t thank you if you try to wrap him in bubble wrap and set him on a shelf.” » Tamara Hoffa

“I’m going to untangle her deadly scheme, even if it leaves my love affair hanging by a thread.” » Jennifer Estep Dailymail.co.uk

“I kiss her ghost, and sleep with the dust on her photograph, next to my bedside.” » Anthony Liccione

“The question of widow marriage would not touch seventy per cent of the Indian women, and all such questions only reach the higher castes of Indian people who are educated, mark you, at the expense of the masses.”

“The widows of high caste in India do not marry, only the widows of low caste may marry, may eat, drink, dance, have as many husbands as they choose, divorce them all, in short enjoy all the benefits of the highest society in this country.”

“There is no lonelier man in death, except the suicide, than that man who has lived many years with a good wife and then outlived her. If two people love each other there can be no happy end to it.” » Ernest Hemingway