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Super Bowl Quotes - Football Quotes

The Super Bowl is an American annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL). It is the most famous professional football in the United States.

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Best Super Bowl Quotes – NFL

“I’ve never been more nervous in my life than singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl.” » Kelly Clarkson

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up” » Vince Lombardi

“How ironic, to be my last game that I ever played would be against Dan in a Super Bowl. The thing I always was afraid of was playing in a Super Bowl when it was raining. I can’t throw a wet ball.” » John Elway

“There is no future. This is the season. Get to the Super Bowl.” » Troy Vincent

“I find it almost comforting to count calories, because it makes me conscious of what I’m eating. But on Super Bowl Sunday, I thought, ‘Surrender to it. It’s nacho time.’ Then I ate nothing but Doritos all day.” » Kristen Bell ESPN go

“Our goal was to win, to win a Super Bowl, but also to win in the right way, to be role models to our community, to represent Indianapolis, the state of Indiana and the National Football League.” » Tony Dungy

Super Bowl Quotes - Football Quotes

“As a quarterback, there’s no better way to finish your year, in winning a Super Bowl, than with a touchdown pass. The chances of that happening, by the looks of most of the Super Bowls, is a very rare chance. Fortunately for me, I had an opportunity.” » Joe Montana

“I’m just here so I won’t get fined” » Marshawn Lynch

“Everybody is going to be excited to play in a Super Bowl. When you still enjoy the preparation and the work part of it, I think you ought to be still doing that. I think as soon as I stop enjoying it, if I can’t produce, if I can’t help a team, that’s when I will stop playing.” » Peyton Manning

“I believe that a bad Super Bowl halftime show is still better than a soccer game.” » Ron White

“Every game I’ve ever played, regardless if it was pre-season or Super Bowl, meant the same to me, and I laid it all on the line.” » Brett Favre

“The further you go in life, the more you realize what you’re going to leave this Earth. It’s not going to be, ‘It was a great platform. It was great to win the Super Bowl,’ but really and truly what you’re going to leave on this Earth is the influence on others.” » Joe Gibbs

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“Even when I was playing, I never thought much about the individual honors. I wanted to go to the Super Bowl.” » Joe Greene, former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle

“Winning the Super Bowl was obviously a great one, but the joy I felt of going to the Super Bowl, it was what I felt about the Pittsburgh Steelers and where we came from, the history of us to that point.” » Joe Greene

Super Bowl Quotes - Football Quotes

“Men, I want you just thinking of one word all season. One word and one word only: Super Bowl.” » Bill Peterson

“Having two weeks off gives family, friends, and the media more time to get on your nerves.” » Deion Sanders

“What are you going to wear in the game Sunday?” » Julie Brown to Dallas Cowboy Emmitt Smith

“The thing we found out was, when you get to a Super Bowl, both teams are treated the same, talked about in glowing terms. But when the game is over, only the team that won matters.” » Don Shula

“If you win a Super Bowl before you’re fired, you’re a genius, and everyone listens to you. But a coach is just a guy whose best class in grammar school was recess and whose best class in high school was P.E. I never thought I was anything but a guy whose best class was P.E.” » John Madden

“You always want to have good balance. That’s the key to winning a Super Bowl. You look at the teams who have won championships, you got to have balance. So, to be able to run the ball effectively and throw the ball effectively is what gives you the chance to win a world championship.” » John Elway, former Denver Broncos quarterback

“When Super Bowl time comes around, I get jealous.” » Bill Parcells, former NFL head coach

“I’d run over my mother to win the Super Bowl” » Russ Grimm

Super Bowl Quotes - Football Quotes

“When we got down to the Super Bowl in ’85, against the Patriots, we’re down there on the field checking things out. This helicopter flies overhead, probably taking pictures, and McMahon just moons it. He mooned the helicopter from the field!” » William “Fridge” Perry

“Pump it in there, baby. Just keep matriculating the ball down the field, boys.” » Hank Stram

“As a player, it says everything about you if you made the Hall of Fame. But, then again, boy… there’s something about winning a Super Bowl” » Terry Bradshaw

“If I see Ray in a snowstorm and his truck is broken down and mine is running perfect, would I pick him up? No.” » Shannon Sharp

“I hope we do [win the Super Bowl]. It’s always nice to have a beast within you” » Eli Manning

“The next MVP of the Super Bowl is just as likely to have been a full-time grocery store bagger last year as a Heisman Trophy winner.” » Hunter S. Thompson, journalist

“We’re going to win on Sunday. I guarantee it.” » Joe Namath, former New York Jets quarterback, before Super Bowl III

“The Super Bowl is Americana at its most kitsch and fun.” » Sting, musician

“I remember my dad asking me one time, and it’s something that has always stuck with me: ‘Why not you, Russ?’ You know, why not me? Why not me in the Super Bowl?” » Russell Wilson

Super Bowl Quotes - Football Quotes

“The chance of winning a Super Bowl in a city like New York, there’s nothing like it. Once you win one, you get that bug to win another, that edge.” » Mark Sanchez, New York Jets quarterback

“You know, the Super Bowl is so fresh that every single commercial is even on, you know, some next-level entertainment.” », musician

“I always have a lot of personal goals, but primarily my main goal each year is to obviously win a Super Bowl.” » Michael Strahan

“I never really understood the strip-joint thing. Why go to a place and get all excited and then have a hard time walking out?” » Tony Siragusa, former NFL defensive tackle

“You may not win the Super Bowl. Your kids may not go on to be doctors and lawyers and everything may not go perfectly. That doesn’t mean it was a bad plan or the wrong thing. It’s just like a football season. Everything’s not going to go perfect.” » Tony Dungy

“Over a 10-season stretch from 1967 to 1976, eight Super Bowl champions either were the Raiders or had to beat the Raiders in the playoffs. The Jets, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Baltimore Colts, Miami, the Steelers each of the first two times… we all had to deal with the Raiders.” » Joe Greene

“We don’t just want to win the Super Bowl, we want to make a dynasty. I want to be a player who makes that a reality.” » Shaun Alexander

“Well, Judy, I would hope in the new year, we could start thinking about politics not like it was the Super Bowl, where you always have to have one team that wins and the other team has to be a loser.” » John Breaux

Super Bowl Quotes - Football Quotes

“When I got drafted by Minnesota, and I think I said this a couple weeks ago, I think I felt obligated to bring a Super Bowl to Minnesota.” » Randy Moss

“If the Super Bowl is the ultimate game, why are they playing it again next year?” » Duane Thomas

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“Although I may find the type of programming seen during the 2004 Super Bowl and the 2003 Golden Globe Awards disgusting and disturbing, we must always work hard to defend the cherished freedoms so clearly outlined in our Constitution, including a healthy and free press.” » Mike Rogers

“That’s the biggest gap in sports, the difference between the winner and the loser of the Super Bowl.” » John Madden

“I have always said that I want to finish my career with the Dolphins and this put me closer to that goal. I have been fortunate to break many personal records, but my overiding goal is to win a Super Bowl here in Miami.” » Dan Marino

“I’d run over Russ Grimm’s mother, too” » Matt Millen

“What is the biggest public forum in the United States? We were told it’s the Super Bowl. The ad shows kids working at blue-collar jobs, and the final statement is just written text: Who’s going to pay for the trillion dollar deficit?” » Joan Blades

“The truth is the Super Bowl long ago became more than just a football game. It’s part of our culture like turkey at Thanksgiving and lights at Christmas, and like those holidays beyond their meaning, a factor in our economy.” » Bob Schieffer

“When Jim Irsay called me five years ago, he told me, ‘I want you to be our coach and help us win the Super Bowl.’ He told me, ‘We are going win it the right way. We are going to win it with great guys; win it with class and dignity. We are going to win it in a way that will make Indianapolis proud.'” » Tony Dungy

Super Bowl Quotes - Football Quotes

“Never in a million years would I think I’d play in a Super Bowl.” » Victor Cruz, New York Giants wide receiver

“I never make a movie for awards consideration. I will use the hope of getting an Academy Award a) to honor the people who work so hard and also b) it’s the greatest Good Housekeeping seal in the world. It’s the greatest brand. It’s as good as Louis Vuitton and Dior in the world of moviemaking. It’s the Super Bowl.” » Harvey Weinstein NFL

“The Super Bowl is like a movie, and the quarterback is the leading man.” » Leigh Steinberg

“If you had to point to anything, it’s when you’ve had as much success as we’ve had and are so close to winning a Super Bowl, at some stage you have an opportunity to think the next move, even if it’s not consistent with all your previous moves, will be the one that gives you the chance to win the Lombardi Trophy.” » Jeffrey Lurie