52 Romantic I Like You Messages & Status


Following are the I Like You Messages and quotes for him and her with images.

❤️ Romantic I Like You Messages ❤️

❤️”I Like You Okay I Know It’S Stupid And I Know You Don’T Care” ❤️


❤️ “Keep Calm Coz I Like You” Yunus.hacettepe.edu ❤️

❤️ “I Love It When I Catch You Looking At Me” ❤️


❤️ “I Want A New Life And I Want It With You.” ❤️

❤️ “I Want To Tell Him How I Feel, But I Don’T Want To Ruin The Way Things Are Now.” ❤️


❤️ “I Like You A Lottle. It’S Like A Little, Except A Lot.” ❤️

❤️ “Liking Someone Doesn’T Mean You Have To Be Lovers, Sometimes You Just Have To Be Friends.” ❤️


❤️ “I Like You. A Lot. More Than A Lot. A Lot A Lot” ❤️

❤️ “I Like You. You’Re Weird” ❤️


 Romantic You Complete Me Quotes and Messages

❤️ “As Soon I Saw You, I Knew Adventure Was Going To Happen.” ❤️


❤️ “Work Like You Don’T Need The Money. Love Like You’Ve Never Been Hurt. Dance Like Nobody’S Watching. » Satchel Paige” ❤️


❤️ “I Sorta, Kinda, Maybe, Might, Slightly, Possibly, Think I Maybe Like You” ❤️

❤️ “I Happen To Adore You” ❤️


❤️ “Don’T Ask Me For An Explanation. Don’T Ask Me Why. Just Accept That I Like Being With You.” ❤️

❤️ “If You Really Like Someone, There’S No Such Things Not Having Enough Time For Them.” ❤️


❤️ “Would Give Anything For You To Like Me As Much As I Like You” ❤️

❤️ “I Like You Because I Can Never Stay Mad At You, I Can’T Stand Not Talking To You And I Can’T Stand The Thought Of Losing You.” ❤️


❤️ “I Really Like You” ❤️

❤️ “I Can’T Say How Much I Like You And How Special You Are To Me, But I Can Say My World Is Full Of Smiles When I Am With You.” ❤️


❤️ “From The Moment We Started Talking I Knew That I Wanted You Around” ❤️

❤️ “People May Not Always Tell You How They Feel About You, But They Will Always Show You. Pay Attention.” ❤️


❤️ “If You Make A Girl Laugh, She Likes You. If You Make A Girl Cry, She Loves You…” ❤️

❤️ “I Like It When You Smile But I Love It When I’M The Reason.” ❤️


❤️ “I Like It When You Show That You Care. That’S All I Ever Need From You.” ❤️

❤️ “You Like Me, I Like You. But, We’Re Both Still Single, Am I Missing Something?” ❤️


❤️ “I Still Miss You And Maybe Even Still Like You, But I’M Done Chasing You.” ❤️

❤️ “I Like You Everyday” ❤️


❤️ “I Always Smile Like An Idiot When I Talk To You.” ❤️

❤️ “I Like When You Smile, But I Love It When I Am The Reason” ❤️


❤️ “You’Re Weird I Like You” ❤️

❤️ “I Like Your Face That’S Why I Stare” ❤️


❤️ “I Like You” ❤️

❤️ “If You Have Just One Person Believe In You, You’Ll Always Find Your Way.” ❤️


❤️ “I Still Remember That Moment When I Just Realized How Much I Like You.” ❤️

❤️ “If You Like Someone, Tell Them Because They Will Never Wait Forever” ❤️


❤️ “I Like You More Than Ice Cream” ❤️

❤️ “Grow Old With Me!  The Best Is Yet To Be.  – Robert Browning” ❤️


❤️ “The Word Doesn’T Feel Right Until You Are Next To Me” ❤️

❤️ “When I Saw You, I Was Afraid To Meet You. When I Met You, I Was Afraid To Kiss You. When I Kissed You, I Was Afraid To Love You. Now That I Love You, I Am Afraid To Lose You.” ❤️


❤️ “I Don’T Judge People Based On What Other People Think About Them. If I Like You, We’Re Friends, End Of The Story.” ❤️

❤️ “You’Re Really Beautiful And I Like You” ❤️


❤️ “The Most Important Things Are The Hardest To Say, Because Words Diminish Them. » Stephen King” ❤️

❤️ “I Hope You Want To Stay For Long Time, Because My Heart Really Likes You.” ❤️


❤️ “I Don’T Know If I Like You Or Love You, Want You Or Need You. All I Know Is I Love The Feeling I Get When I’M Near You.” ❤️

❤️ “I Like You More Than Coffee… And Thay Says A Lot.” ❤️


❤️ “I Want To Tell You How Much I Like You, But I Know You Don’T Feel The Same.” ❤️

❤️ “I’M Not Open To Many People. I’M Usually Quiet And I Don’T Really Like Attention. So If I Like You Enough To Show You The Real Me, You Must Be Very Special.” ❤️


❤️ “I Want To Tell You How Much I Like You And Wish You Could Feel The Same” ❤️

❤️ “I Like You More Than I Thought I Would And That Scares Me.” Poemslovers.com  ❤️


❤️ “I Just Wanna See You. Hold You. Hug You. Touch You. Kiss You. Cuddle With You.” ❤️