Narcissist Quote

Narcissist Quotes – Self Love Quotes

World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day WNAAD is observed every year on 1st June. Following are the narcissist quotes and self-love quotes with images. Narcissist Quotes “Vanity is the healthiest thing in life.” — Karl Lagerfeld “I have nothing to declare except my genius.” — Oscar Wilde “Listen, everyone is entitled to my opinion.” — Madonna “Narcissists commonly cut people off …

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Surfing Quotes

Surfing Quotes and Slogans

International Surfing Day is celebrated annually on the third Saturday of June. Following are the surfing quotes with images. Surfing Quotes “My passion for surfing was more than my fear of sharks.” — Bethany Hamilton “The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.” — Phil Edwards “Waves are not measured in feet …

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Beach and Sea Quotes

Beautiful Beach and Ocean Quotes

National Beach Day is celebrated on August 30 and World Oceans Day is celebrated on 8 June annually. Following are the beautiful Sea, beach and Ocean Quotes, short quotes with images. Beach and Ocean Quotes “There’s nothing wrong with enjoying looking at the surface of the ocean itself, except that when you finally see what goes on underwater, …

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Survival Quotes

32 Inspiring Survival Quotes

Following are the Survival quotes with images. Survival Quotes “The line between life or death is determined by what we are willing to do.” — Bear Grylls “Hunger, love, pain, fear are some of those inner forces which rule the individual’s instinct for self-preservation.” — Albert Einstein “In spite of everything that was done to me …

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Coffee Quotes

Funny and Inspirational Coffee Quotes

International Coffee Day is celebrated on 1 October annually to promote and celebrate coffee as a beverage. Following are the coffee quotes with images. Coffee Quotes “Everybody should believe in something. I believe I’ll have another coffee.” “Coffee is the common man’s gold, and like gold, it brings to every person the feeling of luxury …

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If you don't want to slip up tomorrow, speak the truth today

34 Inspiring Bruce Lee Quotes

Bruce Lee was an actor, Hong Kong American martial artist, filmmaker, Hong Kong action film actor, martial arts instructor and  a philosopher. He was the founder of Jeet Kune Do. He was Born on November 27, 1940 and died on July 20, 1973. Happy Kung Fu, October 3 is now Bruce Lee Day in Seattle. Following are the best 34 inspiring Bruce …

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Fate Quotes

50 Beautiful Fate Quotes

Following are the fate quotes with images. Fate Quotes “What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.” — Donald Trump “Sometimes life has a cruel sense of humor, giving you the thing you always wanted at the worst time possible.” ― Lisa Kleypas “Sometimes you …

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Manipulation Quotes

Manipulation Quotes and Sayings

Following are the manipulation quotes with images. Manipulation Quotes “Because to take away a man’s freedom of choice, even his freedom to make the wrong choice, is to manipulate him as though he were a puppet and not a person.” — Madeleine L’Engle “It’s so easy to manipulate an audience, but it’s nearly always clear …

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No One Leaves Home Unless Home Is The Mouth Of A Shark

30 Refugee Quotes and Slogans

World Refugee Day is observed on 20th of June annually throughout the world. It is celebrated to support refugees and migrants and raise awareness of the situation of refugee and to stop discrimination of refugee. Following are the quotes and slogans about refugees: Refugee Quotes “No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.” » …

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