New Year Slogans

Following are the funny and inspirational New Year Slogans and inspirational slogans for the fitness enthusiast and gym goers with images.

New Year Slogans

“May All Your Troubles Be As Short As Your New Year’S Resolutions.”

“Kiss The One You Hold Dear, This New Year.”

“Positive Mind, Positive Life, Positive Year.”

“Oh, What A Sight, When The Clock Hits Midnight”

“You Are Here, That’S Why This Is New Year”

“New Year Create A Temporary Youthfulness”

“Celebrating Another Year With Love, Happiness And Cheer.”

“Give A Big Cheer, For The New Year!”

“Can’T Wait To Ring In 20** With You!”

“I Survived 20**”

“Have A Smarter New Year”

“Celebrate What You Want To See More Of”

“A New Hour Of Fun, A New Day Under The Sun. A New Year Has Just Begun.”

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“There Are Far, Far Better Things Ahead Than Any We Leave Behind.”

“I’M Not A Resolutioner, I’M A Regular.”

“Have A Sparkling New Year!”

“New Year Same Goals.”

“Friends And Family Should Be Near To Celebrate A Happy New Year.”

“It Will Be Bliss When I Get That New Years Kiss.”

“New Year New Me.”

“This Is My Resolution Shirt.”

“Thanks God For This New Year!”

“Do Your Squats, Eat Your Veggies, And Drink Your Water.”

“Resolutioning Is My Cardio.”

“Sore Is The New Sexy.”

“Never Give Up–Especially Not Carbs.”

“A New Beginning To A New Year.”

“Hopes & Dreams & Goals & Confetti & Champagne.”

“Life Is Tough But So Are You.”

“Get Moving!”

“Cheers To A New Year And Another Chance For Us To Get It Right”

“A New Year’S Resolution Is Something That Goes In One Year And Out The Other.”

“Make Your Mistakes, Next Year And Forever”

“Wake Me Up When 20__ Ends”

“No Party Like A New Year Party!”

“Let’S Do It Again In 20**”

“New Year’S Day Is Every Man’S Birthday”

“The Time Is Near, To Give A Big Cheer, Happy New Year!”

“Can’T Wait To Ring In The New Year With You!”

“Leave The Past In The Past. “

“In A Year, You’Ll Be Glad You Started Today.”

“Out With The Old,In With The New How Lovely It Is Just To Know You!”

“Every Little Bit Counts.”

“I Resolve To Stay Awesome.”

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“Dream Big.”

“Open Your Heart To New Adventures.”

“New Year’S Resolution: Crush It.”

“Sparkle In The New Year!”

“Tomorrow, Is The First Blank Page Of A 365 Page Book. Write A Good One.”

“I’M A Goal Getter.”

“Champagne Campaign.”

“Work Hard Stay Humble.”