Home Top 50 Inspirational Quotes with Images Take Chances When You'Re Young So That You Can Tell Stories When You'Re Old.

Take Chances When You’Re Young So That You Can Tell Stories When You’Re Old.

A Man'S Money Will Never Excite An Independent Woman

Life Transforming Motivational Quotes- Success Quotes – Powerful Life Quotes

Successful People Are Not Gifted; They Just Work Hard, Then Succeed On Purpose
Tell Me I Can'T And I Will Show You I Can

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inspiring Donate-Organs-Save Lives Slogans and QuotesI Am Only One, But I Am One. I Cannot Do Everything, But I Can Do Something. And I Will Not Let What I Cannot Do Interfere With What I Can Do. » Edward Everett Hale

Donate Organs – Save Lives – Slogans & Quotes

World Organ Donation Day is observed on 6 of August annually throughout the world. It is celebrated to encourage people to donate organs. August is...