Inspiring Alex Morgan Quotes

Alexandra Morgan born on July 2, 1989, is an American soccer player. She is a FIFA Womens World cup champion and an Olympic gold medalist.

Alex Morgan Quotes

“Going into anything, nothing is ever what you really expect, but I have enjoyed every minute of my time at Cal, whether it was soccer, academic, or socially related.” — Alex Morgan

“I don’t run straight at a constant pace; soccer is always a change of pace and movement.” — Alex Morgan

“I want to keep improving, continue to help my teammates improve, make my teammates look good. Continue bringing something new to the game, never getting completely content and always trying to get better.” — Alex Morgan

“Dream big, because dreams do happen.” — Alex Morgan

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“Everybody has a talent, but it’s what you do with that talent to make it great.” — Alex Morgan

“It’s important that as women, we stand up for ourselves, stand up for our peers and show the power that confidence can have for women everywhere.” — Alex Morgan

“I have had to adjust to new surroundings, meet new people and have been challenged by different situations. All of those experiences, while nerve-wracking at the time, have empowered me to grow stronger.” — Alex Morgan

“Always work hard, never give up, and fight until the end because it’s never really over until the whistle blows.” — Alex Morgan

“Soccer is what I grew up doing – it’s my passion, and I’m way more comfortable on the field in my soccer cleats.” — Alex Morgan

“Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your ears.” — Alex Morgan

“I love playing on the biggest stages and that’s something we look forward to every year, every four years.” — Alex Morgan

“The way I’ve been brought up to is take critiques and turn them into positives in my game.” — Alex Morgan

“That’s how I work best, when I’m under pressure.” — Alex Morgan

“I have learned that by pushing aside those insecurities and rediscovering my inner confidence, I become a better teammate and person.” — Alex Morgan

“Confidence is not something that is always easy to find. Often, being the new girl on a team or being in a group breeds insecurities. I have joined countless teams where I was the new girl, and I was never immune to those feelings of self-doubt.” — Alex Morgan

“The training is way more intense and it can be as mentally tiring as it is physically. The adjustment has become easier the more camps you get called into, but also not being in college and being able to focus solely on soccer has helped me.” — Alex Morgan

“Give a man a woman who loves football, and he will be happy for a lifetime.” — Alex Morgan

“I guess I wish he would critique me more!” — Alex Morgan

“I’ve lived in California my whole life, growing up and in college. Adjusting to the cold and learning how to dress for the cold was much different, but other than that, I’ve traveled so much with this team and the youth teams that its just a new and fun experience.” — Alex Morgan