They arent Called Fireworks For Nothing Slogans GO GREEN

Firework Safety Slogans & Go Green Slogans – Crackers

June is celebrated as Fireworks Safety Month.

Following are the funny and inspiring Firework safety slogans, Say no to Firecrackers Slogans, Go Green Slogans and crackers pollution slogans with images.

Funny Inspiring Firework Safety Slogans & Go Green Slogans

“Give out children a green future. Say no to fireworks.”

Funny Firework Safety Slogans

“There is nothing whacker than a lowdy cracker”

“Don’t let the number of hand and eye injuries SKYROCKET”

Funny Firework Safety Slogans

“Only jerks fool with fire works”

“Never handle a Roman Candle””Crackers are of no use, they are just environment abuse.”

Never Hold A Firecracker Tightly In Your Hand And Let It Explode.

“Green is the new black.”

   Pollution Quotes and Slogans

Say No To Firecrackers & Yes To Happiness.

“Say No to firecrackers & yes to Happiness.”

“If you fool around with fireworks you’re crackers”

Pollution Free Slogans

“They aren’t called FIRE WORKS for nothing”

“Minimize the poisonous gasses & maximize the happiness. Celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali”

Funny Firework Safety Slogans

“Don’t act mean, go green.”

“Making the bystanders feel unsafe will wield an unruly performance. “

Lets Fill Our Homes With Prayers & Light Not With Fumes & Crackers.

“Home made devices are less safe than those manufactured for resale. “

“Be careful with what goes up because it must eventually come down.”

Funny Firework Safety Slogans

“Small towns are great places to invite police officers over for illegal firework displays.

“Never Hold a Firecracker tightly in your hand and let it explode. “

Funny Firework Safety Slogans

“Wear dark clothing to make disappearing an easy matter in case a fire breaks out. “

“Don’t get the sparklers too close to grandma’s wig. “

Pollution Free Slogans

“Keep needle and thread close by for blown off fingers and hands. “

“After you throw a sparkler into the air, be careful which end you pick up, to throw it away. “

Don'T Use Bare Feet To Stomp Out Flames.

“It isn’t safe to light off a whole canister of black powder. “

“Blowing on the black powder is a recipe for disaster. “

Give Out Children A Green Future. Say No To Fireworks.

Diwali Wishes & Eco-Friendly Diwali Slogans

“Don’t use bare feet to stomp out flames. “

“Make sure all children are adorned with fireproof clothing and gloves prior to lighting. “

Pollution Free Slogans

“Children and lighters don’t go together. “

“If you see lightning, don’t put your fireworks on the tallest nearby pole to get it lit.”

Green Is The New Black.

“Buy your own firehose and hook it up to the hydrant; just in case. “

“Don’t throw the snakes into your boots. “

Burst Crackers If You Want To Spoil The Nature.