Fire Prevention Slogans

🔥 45 Fire Safety Slogans – Fire Prevention

National Fire Prevention Week is observed from Sunday to Saturday in which October 9 falls.

Following are the fire safety and prevention slogans with images.

🔥 Fire Safety Slogans 🔥

“The Little Fire You Leave May Leave You Little.”

“Carelessness Is The Biggest Cause Of Fire.”

“Electric Irons May Be Sad Irons If You Don’t Watch Out.”

“Fire Destruction Is One Man’s Job, Fire Prevention Is Everybody’s Job.”

Fire Prevention Slogans

“Be Alert, Avert Fire.”

“Fires That Are Small, Soon Will Be Tall”

“Let’s Blaze The Way, To Keep The Blaze Away.”

“Fire Is A Welcome Visitor, But Always See It Out.”

“Get Out Quick, Before The Smoke Gets Thick!”

Fire Prevention Slogans

“Kill Fire Before It Kills You.”

“Fire Sweeps Where Carelessness Creeps.”

“Fire Waste Can Never Be Replaced”

“Do Your Part And Fire Won’t Start.”

“Where Children Are Taught, Fires Will Be Naught.”

Fire Prevention Slogans

“A Careless Smoker Is A Fire Provoker.”

“Don’t Blame The Match, You Should Have Used Your Head.”

“Fires Are Rare When Care Is There!”

Firework Safety Slogans 

“Fire. Its Cure Is, Costly, Its Prevention Cheap!”

“A Dead Camp Fire Means A Live Forest.”

Fire Prevention Slogans

“Fire Safety On, Accidents Gone.”

“Keep Your Eyes On Safety”

“Fire Feeds On Careless Deeds.”

“Fire Defense Is A Self Defense.”

“What Fire Destroys Never Returns.”

Fire Prevention Slogans

“Ensure Fire Safety, Save Life, Save Property.”

“Don’t Flirt With Fire.”

“Fire Safety On, Accidents Gone.”

“Fire Prevention Is Our Intention.”

“One Man’s Fire May Bankrupt Fifty.”

Pollution Free Slogans

“Children And Lighters Don’t Go Together.”

“When Flames Go Up, Nations Go Down.”

“A Match May Be Down But Not Out.”

Safety Slogans with Images – Be Safe

“Lark Your Matches In A Safety Zone.”

“Fire Is A Good Servant But A Bad Master”

“Suspect And Inspect, But Do Not Neglect.”

“Fire Prevention Is Self Protection.”

“An Inch Of Flue Repairs Is Worth A Mile Of Fire Hose.”

“A Burning House Is A Burning Shame”

“A Match Snuffed Out Puts Fire To Rout.”

“Safety Ever, Fires Never”

“Common Sense Saves Burnt Dollars.”

“Sowing Matches. Reaping Ashes.”

“Careless Hands Are Firebrands.”

“Crowding The Furnace Too Much On A Cold Day May Crowd You Out Of A Home.”

“Whatever Burns Never Returns”

“Never Trust Fire.”

50 Fire Quotes and Funny Fire Quotes

“Safety Can Distinguish You. Lack Of Safety Can Extinguish You.”

“Don’t Delay, Get Out Of Fire’s Way.”

“Fire Catches, So Don’t Play With Matches”

“Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires!”