40 Motivational Epilepsy Quotes and Slogans

Shake It Off!

Epilepsy, commonly also know as seizure is a neurological disorder with sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness, convulsions, or abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

Purple Day or Epilepsy Awareness Day is an event designed to raise awareness of epilepsy “Mirgi in hindi”. It is celebrated on 26th of march annually to encourage people to support and help epilepsy patient. People are taught about epilepsy and its sign and symptom and what to do under this condition.

Purple is the color for Epilepsy Awareness Day, people are encouraged to wear a purple-coloured item of clothing on this day to motivate people with epilepsy.

Following are the collection epilepsy Slogans, Epilepsy quotes and motivational Epilepsy quotes. SCROLL DOWN for Motivational Epilepsy quotes and quotes related to epilepsy.

Epilepsy Slogans – Purple Day

“I have Epilepsy, but I’m still ME.”

“I might be 1 in 26, but I am also 1 in a million; I might have Epilepsy, but Epilepsy doesn’t have me.

You May Not See It, Hear It, Or Smell It. But I Have Epilepsy! And No It Is NOT Contagious!

“I’m Not Crazy, I Have Epilepsy.”

“I’m Shakin’ my Bacon for Epilepsy Awareness.”

“Seize the moment so the moment doesn’t seize you! Stay aware & dare to care! Hope, Faith, Courage & Patience! In God I Trust!” Quotesea

YOU See Me Have A Seizure, Do You Know What To Do If, The Answer Is No. Awareness Is Key! I May Need Your Help Some Day!

“Shake it Off!”

“YOU” see me have a seizure, do you know what to do? If, the answer is no. Awareness is key! I may need your help some day!”

“(H)allucinating (O)riginially (P)people (E)veryday! What you see isn’t always what you see! It’s Just “E”.”

I'M Shakin' My Bacon For Epilepsy Awareness

“Just because I freak out doesn’t mean you have to. – Epilepsy Awareness”

“We see you Epilepsy. You’re goin’ DOWN!”

“We’re Raising the Bar for Epilepsy Awareness. Ignorance is not an excuse!”

We'Re Raising The Bar For Epilepsy Awareness. Ignorance Is Not An Excuse!

“You can FIT into this too'”

“You may not see it, hear it, or smell it. But I have Epilepsy! And no it is NOT contagious!”

Motivational Epilepsy Quotes – Epilepsy Awareness Day

“I feel so lucky that I met the love of my life. You know somebody’s in it to win it when…you’re having a seizure and they’re holding you….” » Kathleen Hanna

I Feel So Lucky That I Met The Love Of My Life. You Know Somebody'S In It

“I’m not disabled, I’m Differently Able!.” » Montel Williams

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” » Scott Hamilton

“I’m not an epileptic but you’re an arsehole. I’m important. I matter. I can do anything. I’m a sexy, strong woman that happens to have epilepsy. Do you get it? Ihave epilepsy but it’s not who I am.” » Ray Robinson

You Can FIT Into This Too'

“I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street; I met a man who had no feet.” » Ancient Persian

“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.” » C.C. Scott

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“No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.” » Barbara de Angelis

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“And help me to accept the things I can not change.” » Serenity Prayer.

“I want people with epilepsy to know that there are ways in which they can play a role in their own recovery. It’s all in how they approach what is happening and how they can use that as a catalyst for their own growth. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, it’s that people are willing to embrace you if you share your story.” » Danny Glover

Promise Me You’Ll Always Remember You’Re Braver Than You Believe, And Stronger Than You Seem, And Smarter Than You Think. » Christopher Robin To Pooh Bear

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice.” » Sally Komar

“The ribbon is like a visual hug for someone with epilepsy.” » Mary Loughling.

“Support. Something that speaks volumes and shouldn’t cost a penny.”

Just Because I Freak Out Doesn'T Mean You Have To. - Epilepsy Awarness

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” » Christopher Robin to Pooh Bear

I feel so lucky that I met the love of my life. You know somebody’s in it to win it when they’re changing your IV bag or you’re having a seizure and they’re holding you. And helping you to the bathroom. You know that they love you.” » Kathleen Hanna

“Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.”Bill Watterson

I'm Not Crazy, I Have EPILEPSY.

“I certainly don’t regret my experiences because without them, I couldn’t imagine who or where I would be today. Life is an amazing gift to those who have overcome great obstacles, and attitude is everything!” » Sasha Azevedo

“Having epilepsy does not mean you have to expect and cope with depression. You have as much right to help and support as anyone else.”

“We can fight seizures if we fight for our dreams everyday and appreciate the little things we accomplish.” » Rachel Joy

I'M Not An Epileptic But You'Re An Arsehole. I'M Important. I Matter. I Can Do Anything. I'M A Sexy, Ray Robinson

“And this too shall pass”

“If you’re going through hell, keep on going” » Winston Churchill

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“Motivation depends what you do… attitude determines how well you do it!.” » Lesley Donnelly

I Have Epilepsy, But I'M Still ME.

Quotes About Epilepsy

“There’s a part of the human brain, the temporal lobe, that is associated with religious experiences as well as with epilepsy.” » Ken MacLeod

“Electricity is life but electricity is an invisible fist punching up your spine, knocking your brains right out of your skull.” » Ray Robinson Epilepsyrecovery.blogspot.com

“My son was autistic, and he suffered from seizure disorder every 5 to 10 days. He would suffer a seizure that would last 45 seconds to a minute and sleep for 12 hours.” » John Travolta

I Might Be 1 In 26, But I Am Also 1 In A Million; I Might Have Epilepsy, But Epilepsy Doesn't Have Me.

“I didn’t get my license because I wasn’t allowed to. But I haven’t had a seizure for a long time so I could, theoretically, get my license. But I’m now just so used to not driving, I’m scared of what I’d do.” » Hugo Weaving

“People think that epilepsy is divine simply because they don’t have any idea what causes epilepsy. But I believe that someday we will understand what causes epilepsy, and at that moment, we will cease to believe that it’s divine. And so it is with everything in the universe.” » Hippocrates

“A big seizure just kind of grabs the inside of your skull and squeezes. It feels as if it’s twisting and turning your brain all up and down and inside out. Have you ever heard a washing machine suddenly flip into that bang-bang-bang sound when it gets out of balance, or a chain saw when the chain breaks and gets caught up in the gears, or an animal like a cat, screeching in pain? Those are what seizures felt like when I was little.” » Terry Trueman