Cute and Romantic Boyfriend Quotes

Following are the beautiful heartwarming boyfriend quotes and sayings.

Boyfriend Quotes

“When you are deeply in love with someone, you actually feel connected with him in every sense.”

“If he loves you then don’t waste that, you might never be able to get it back.”

“I don’t know what my future holds, but I’m hoping you are in it”

“When your existence is the reason for someone happiness, you are very lucky to have him/. Never ever let go that person.”

“My heart jumps in joy when you came into my life. Who would ever think that a hot and handsome guy in campus is my boyfriend now? I feel so beautiful. I just hope that this is not a dream or else I do not want to wake up anymore.”

“There was a time in my life that all I can see is you. You are a dream come true. I love you now and forever.”

“Boyfriend is that person who enters your life from somewhere, and suddenly means the world to you.”

“Meeting you happened to be my fate, turning into a friend was a choice, but falling in love with you truly deeply and madly I admit I had absolutely no control over.”

“Love is only addiction that can encourage you to stay strong at every stage of your life”

“Hearing your name from your boyfriend sounds too cute and I know, you love to hear it every now and then.”

“Real men stay faithful. They don’t have time to look for another woman because they are too busy looking for new ways to love their own.”

“I can always say that life is beautiful because I have you. You mean everything to me. I keep on dreaming of you every day and night.”

“Sometimes I love you. Sometimes I want to punch you in the face.”

“My boyfriend and I broke up. He wanted to get married and I didn’t want him to.”

“They say loving you gives pains and is full of sacrifices. But I’ll rather take pains and lots of sacrifices than not be loved by you.”

“I can talk to hundreds of people in one day but none of them compare to the smile you can give me in one minute.”

“You are always in my mind. I don’t know if I’m already crazy or I am just crazy about you. I know this is crazy, but I hope you feel crazy about me too. Thank you for loving your crazy girlfriend.”

“Two words to describe you: determined and committed. I haven’t met a guy who is so determined about his life decisions and no one who is so passionate with his commitment. I am so lucky to have you.”

“Love is wanting to be near someone whenever you two are apart, but somehow feeling warm within as you very well know that he is still very close to your heart.”

“When people get into their 30s plus ‘boyfriend’ sounds weird…if you really think about it. Instead, I think we should universally start using the term ‘manfriend’ or ‘snookie bookie cuddles pie.'”

“Everybody has an addiction, my happens to be you”

“One of the best feelings in the world is, knowing your presence and absence both mean something to someone.”

“He’s the kind of guy who makes you love your name just because he says it”

“What I have with you, I don’t want with anyone else”

“I’ve always been the type to fall in love fast and, with every boyfriend, I plan out my wedding in my head.”

“True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.     “

“If I have to choose between loving you, and breathing, I would use my last breath to say I love you.”

“When you came into my life, there is now no reason for my fear. Thank you for making me feel secure all the time.”

“What’s so special about him?” “Nothing, it’s just that there’s nothing special without him.”

“Your boyfriend shouldn’t be your only friend.”

“A boyfriend can bring a whole new definition to your life. Love has the potential to completely synchronize each other’s life; to such an extent that living without each other seems to be impossible.”

“Do not just look at your boyfriend as just a boyfriend. Look at him as a friend, too.     “

“It’s a magical moment to finally be with you. If only we can stay like this all the time, things will be a lot better. For now, I will just enjoy my home in your arms.”

“I just want to thank you for being my reason to look forward to the next day.”

“Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.”

“I will celebrate your love for the rest of my life. You and I are perfect for each other. I know that this kind of love will stay forever.”

“The best thing about me is you.”

“Guys make me feel secure and comfortable when I’m scared or need attention. They bring stability. And affection. And fun. And drama. You learn so much from a boyfriend. It’s hard to put into words, I guess.”

“Of course, we can’t see the future, but once you have decided to be together and your partner in every situation there will be nothing which you can’t conquer or come over.”

“Yeah, I know he’s cute but he’s mine. Touch him and I’ll kill you.”

“His smile. His eyes. His lips. His hair. His laugh. His hands. His smirk. His humor. His weird face.”

“I feel sexy in my jeans and wearing my boyfriend’s T-shirt.”

“You are more than a boyfriend to me. You are my best friend, my companion, my dinner buddy, and most of all my prayer partner. I am looking forward to our future together. I love you so.”

“I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.”

“The best boyfriend isn’t the best-looking, the funniest, or the richest. It’s the one that makes sure you know he loves you.”

“There is no one like you that can make me smile even through the darkest day of my life. You knew exactly how to brighten up my day. I thank God for your life.”

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same”

“My love, you know you are my best friend. You know that I’d do anything for you, and my love, let nothing come between us. My love for you is strong and true.”

“I like your last name. Can I have it?”

“When in a relationship, a real man doesn’t make his woman jealous of others, he makes others jealous of his woman.”

“If I only had one wish left, I want it to be you for the rest of my life. I cannot imagine my life without you. You are like sugar in my coffee, icing to my cake, and an apple to my pie. We are always the best combination.”

“Give a girl a boyfriend and she becomes a total expert on relationships.”

“He’s annoying he’s hilarious, he makes me yell, he drives me crazy, he’s out of his mind but he’s everything I want.”

“I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.”

“Love is when two people make every moment magical. There are no dull moments with them. It is sharing lives, endless happiness, and always a joyful heart.”