37 Growing Up Quotes

Following are the funny and inspirational quotes about growing up.

Growing Up Quotes

“Growing up is losing some illusions, in order to acquire others. — Virginia Woolf

“I”m afraid to grow up because sometimes it seems like things will never feel this beautiful again.”

“I think, as you’re growing up, your emotions are just as deep as they are when you’re an adult. Your ability to feel lonely, longing, confused or angry are just as deep. We don’t feel things more as we get older.”

“It took me realizing that a broken heart has never actually killed anyone to find the courage to ask for what I want, in just about every situation. That was part of my own growing up.”

“You’ll end up very disappointed if you grow up thinking everyone has the same heart as you do.”

“I think she is growing up, and so begins to dream dreams, and have hopes and fears and fidgets, without knowing why or being able to explain them.”

“Growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day you’re in diapers; the next day you’re gone. But the memories of childhood stay with you for the long haul.    ”

“Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.” — Chili Davis

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“I am convinced that most people do not grow up. We marry and dare to have children and call that growing up. I think what we do is mostly grow old. We carry accumulation of years in our bodies, and on our faces, but generally our real selves, the children inside, are innocent and shy as magnolias.” — Maya Angelou

“No matter where you are or where you grow up, you always go through the same awkward moments of being a teenager and growing up and trying to figure out who you are.” — Aimee Teegarden

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. — E. E. Cummings

“Who we are, is what we believe. As you were growing up, you may have been told over and over that you were good at doing something. You believed it. Similarly, if you constantly tell people they are doing a good job, they will eventually believe it even if, in the beginning, they have doubts about their ability. In essence, we become what we believe.” — Catherine Pulsifer,

“Age is a necessary but insufficient requirement for growing up. There are immature old people, and there are appropriately mature young people.” — Henry Cloud

“Love if you’re in love, cry if you’re hurt, smile if you’re happy. Just grow up. Make mistakes; and learn from them.”

“It was nice growing up with someone like you, someone to lean on, someone to count on, someone to tell on!”

“As children, we don’t get to pick the ways in which we’re loved. But then we grow up, and if we’re smart and prepared and very determined, every once in a while we actually do get the life we wanted.” — Oprah Winfrey

“I know that in my past I was young and irresponsible – but that’s what growing up is. You learn from your mistakes.”

“To grow up is to stop putting blame on parents.” — Maya Angelou

“Growing old is unavoidable, but never growing up is possible. I believe you can retain certain things from your childhood if you protect them – certain traits, certain places where you don’t let the world go.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

“It happens to everyone as they grow up. You find out who you are and what you want, and then you realize that people you’ve known forever don’t see things the way you do. So you keep the wonderful memories but find yourself moving on. — Nicholas Sparks

“The hardest part about growing up is letting go of what you were used to and moving on with something you’re not.

“At some point, you’re just going to have to shut up and admit that you’re wrong. It’s not about giving up, it’s about growing up.

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“You know children are growing up when they start asking questions that have answers.” — John J. Plomp

“Today’s children are growing up in a new reality, one where they are attuning more to machines and less to people than has ever been true in human history.” — Daniel Goleman

“Part of growing up is realizing you learn to love so many people. It’s about forming those relationships and finding what will last forever.” — Dylan O’Brien

“One of the great lessons I remember my dad constantly emphasizing in our family while I was growing up was “Use your R&I.” That is, use your resourcefulness and initiative. He taught us that we were not victims of the circumstances surrounding us, but rather masters of our own destiny.” — Stephen M. R. Covey

“Growing up is never straight forward. There are moments when everything is fine, and other moments where you realize that there are certain memories that you’ll never get back, and certain people that are going to change, and the hardest part is knowing that there’s nothing you can do except watch them.” — Alden Nowlan

“Maturity is putting a process between opportunity and decision.”

“Growing up you sometimes got the blame for things I did, but you always loved me not matter what. Now that I am older you my sister I am grateful for.” — Kate Summers

“As I learned from growing up, you don’t mess with your grandmother.” — Prince William

“Most of us grow up with a strong sense of individual responsibility. Parents, teachers, coaches, and role models of all kinds shape our values based on individual accomplishment.” — Douglas Smith

“My dad said to me growing up: ‘When all is said and done, if you can count all your true friends on one hand, you’re a lucky man.’ – Josh Charles

“When I was growing up, I remember my mother saying, “Your friends are like elevators; they will bring you up or down – the choice is yours.” — David DeNotaris

“One of the oddest things about being grown-up was looking back at something you thought you knew and finding out the truth of it was completely different from what you had always believed.” — Patricia Briggs

“As we grow up, we realize it is less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones.

“For, after all, you do grow up, you do outgrow your ideals, which turn to dust and ashes, which are shattered into fragments; and if you have no other life, you just have to build one up out of these fragments.  ”

“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.” — Nina Dobrev