30 Snow Quotes with Images

Following the quotes about Snow with images.

Snow Quotes

“I drive a lot in the summertime, but after that, I don’t drive if there’s snow predicted for anywhere in 500 miles.” — R.L. Stine

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind? — Percy Bysshe Shelley

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” — Edith Sitwell

“Well, I know now. I know a little more how much a simple thing like a snowfall can mean to a person.” — Sylvia Plath

“Bad weather always looks worse through a window.”

“Thank goodness for the first snow. It was a reminder–no matter how old you became and how much you’d seen–things could still be new if you were willing to believe they still mattered.” — Candace Bushnell

“Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.” — Andy Goldsworthy

“A snow day is only bad news if you forgot to run to the liquor store.”

“Surely everyone is aware of the divine pleasures which attend a wintry fireside; candles at four o’clock, warm hearth rugs, tea, a fair tea-maker, shutters closed, curtains flowing in ample draperies to the floor, whilst the wind and rain are raging audibly without.”

“The hard soil and four months of snow make the inhabitants of the northern temperate zone wiser and abler than his fellow who enjoys the fixed smile of the tropics.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The snow doesn’t give a soft white damn whom it touches.” — E.E. Cummings

Beautiful Winter Quotes and Slogans

“Snowing is an attempt by God to make the dirty world look clean.” — Mehmet Murat Ildan

“Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people’s legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world.” — Sarah Addison Allen

“A year of snow, a year of plenty.” — French proverb

“The Eskimos had 52 names for snow because it was important to them: there ought to be as many for love.” — Margaret Atwood

“In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move.” — Henry Rollin

“I like the cold weather. It means you get work done.” — Noam Chomsky

“Snow was falling, so much like stars filling the dark trees that one could easily imagine its reason for being was nothing more than prettiness.” — Mary Oliver

“First we’ll make snow angels for two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of Toll-House cookie dough as fast as we can, and then we’ll snuggle.” — Buddy the Elf

“Kindness is like snow- It beautifies everything it covers.” — Kahlil Gibran

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, but it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment, then where is it to be found? — J. B. Priestley

“We build statues out of snow, and weep to see them melt.” — Walter Scott

“A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.” — Markus Zusak

“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.” — Carl Reiner

“Nature has no mercy at all. Nature said, ‘I’m going to snow. If you have on a bikini and no snowshoes, that’s tough. I am going to snow anyway.'” — Maya Angelou

“Sunshine cannot bleach the snow, nor time unmake what poets know.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Silently, like thoughts that come and go, the snowflakes fall, each one a gem.” — William Hamilton Gibson

“What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?” — John Steinbeck

“Be like snow — cold, but beautiful.” — Lana Del Rey

“I prefer winter and fall when you feel the bone structure of the landscape. Something waits beneath it; the whole story doesn’t show.” — Andrew Wyeth

“A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky, unbidden, and seems like a thing of wonder.” — Susan Orlean