S'mores Slogans Poems- S'Mores Always Leave You Beggin For S'More!

10 Best S’mores Slogans, Poems and Recipes

National S’mores Day is food day celebrated on 10 august every year. Smore is made of chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker.

Following are slogans, quotes and funny poems for s’mores Day with images.

10 Best S’mores Slogans and Poems

Smores Are Yummy , In My Tummy

S'mores Slogans Poems- Smores- Gooey And Sweet What A Treat.

S’mores- Gooey And Sweet What A Treat

S’Mores Always Leave You Beggin For S’More!

S'mores Slogans Poems- Spread S'More Love!.

Once S’More A Happy Ending.

S’More Thanks For Celebrating With Us.

S'mores Slogans Poems- S'More Thanks For Celebrating With Us.

Have S’More For Being Our Guest!

A Day Of Happiness And S’More To Come

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Spread S’More Love!The Campfire Burns. It’S 9:08.
I Feel So Good Cuz I Just Ate
Two Graham Crackers, And Chocolate, Too,
With Marshmallow Turned To Warm, White Goo.
A Treat Indeed, A Dripping Mess.
A Touch Of Melty Joy — Oh Yes!
It’S Bedtime Soon, But I’M Not Done.
I Simply Cannot Stop At One.
Because, You See, It Takes Three S’Mores
To Make A Night Of Happy S’Nores.

S'mores Slogans Poems- Once S'More A Happy Ending.

Ham: Hey, Smalls, You Wanna S’More?
Smalls: Some More Of What?
Ham: No, Do You Wanna S’More?
Smalls: I Haven’T Had Anything Yet, So How Can I Have Some More Of Nothing?
Ham: You’Re Killing Me Smalls!

Oh The Chocolatey Goodness
Dark, Sweet, And Secretive
Melting Over The Puffy,
Gooey, Hot Hot Marshmallow
And Closed In By A Crunch,
That Which Holds It All Together.
Oh, Messy Wonderfulness!
Oh, Unbound Glory!
All Over My Hands And Face
And Embracing My Toungue
Kissing My Insides With Its Oozing Deliciousness.

S'mores Slogans Poems- A Day Of Happiness And S'More To Come

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