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Winter Quotes & Slogans

Winter Quotes and Slogans

following are the Winter Quotes, slogans and funny winter quotes with images. 32 Winter Slogans and Winter Safety Slogans “Don’T Be Left Out In The Cold.” “Think Twice Before Walking On Ice” “Prepare & Prevent Instead Of Repair & Repent.” “Watch Your Step – It Could Be Your Last” “Ice And Snow…Take It Slow” “Open The Door To Safety: Awareness Is The

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Karwa Chauth Wishes and Messages

Karva Chauth करवा चौथ  is a festival celebrated in India by married Hindu women for the safety and longevity of their husbands. They fast from sunrise to moonrise and the fast is observed in the states of Rajasthan, parts of Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab. It is celebrated on the fourth day after the full moon, in the Hindu

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20 Watery Quotes about Watermelon

National Watermelon Day - Watermelon Quotes

National Watermelon day is celebrated on August 3 every year. Watermelon is a summer fruit, It has plenty of Water and are great way to hydrate. Following are some sweet and watery quotes about watermelon: Watermelon Quotes “Those unattractive sounds you make when eating watermelon.” “The true Southern watermelon is a boon apart, and not to be mentioned with commoner things.

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37 Seafaring, Sailor, Maritime, and Ship Quotes

37 Quotes about Seafaring, Sailor, Maritime, and Ship. Day of the Seafarers (IMO) is observed worldwide on June 25. It is celebrated to recognize everything that has been directly or indirectly affected by sea transport. Sailor Quotes – Ships Quotes – Seafarers Quotes “Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit.” » Brooks Atkinson “Of all the things

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Desertification and Drought Slogans and Quotes

The World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought to is a observance on 17 June in United Nations. Its main aim is to prevent desertification and recover from drought. Slogans for World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought: Desertification and Drought Slogans Bring on the Rain, Bring On The Showers, Give Water Back It’s Powers Conserving Land And Energy = Securing

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